Who We Are

The Groton-Dunstable Regional High School Chamber Chorus is renowned for their choral performances throughout Massachusetts. The members range from 10th to 12th grade and are admitted through a competitive audition process. They specialize in a capella pieces that range from classical to contemporary selections featuring 8 to 14 part harmonies performed at a collegiate level and beyond. The GD Chamber Chorus meets for an hour and half every weekday with their conductor, Timothy Savoy, who works with the students to achieve a professional quality of sound.

Over the past decade GD Chamber Chorus has competed in regional and national competitions held in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Toronto. In total the GD Chamber Chorus has received over 25 first place, best overall, best sectional, best choir, best soloist, best accompanist, best performers, and grand sweep trophies during this time period. The GD Chamber Chorus is very active in their community through performances at school events, nursing homes, and charity fundraisers. Their winter and spring concerts are highly acclaimed and largely attended by the surrounding communities. The camaraderie between its' members as well as the unity it forges in its' local community exemplifies qualities that are fittingly emblematic of our nation's valued principles.